Vantage Fiduciary was created to fill a need for honest and reliable fiduciary services.  Based in San Diego, we at Vantage Fiduciary strive to provide a more personal and straightforward approach to fiduciary services.  Our approach is simple, provide a trusting service where you know and trust the people behind that service.  Whether it is as trustee, power of attorney, guardian, conservator or representative, you can feel safe and confident when hiring Vantage Fiduciary. 

As fiduciaries, we at Vantage Fiduciary are subject to the highest ethical standards.  We are regulated by the California Business and Professions Code, the California Code of Regulations and the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau Code of Conduct to provide the highest level of service and integrity.  As members of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) we at Vantage Fiduciary are required to promote the highest standards of professional ethics and practice.  We are also subject to strict background checks and ongoing continuing education to ensure we are at the cutting edge of all fiduciary requirements. 

Additional information may be found at the PFAC website located here: Professional Fiduciary Association of California (

We are passionate about taking care of others in our community and advocate for those in need of professional support with sensitive matters…

Jerry Gallagher

Owner & Professional Fiduciary

Kathleen Lafferty

Professional Fiduciary

Our Services


Executor/Administrator of probate estate


Attorney-In-Fact under a Power of Attorney


Agent under Advance Health Care Directive






Executor services for seniors without family or spouse


Conservatorship for incapacitated individuals

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