Why do I need a Fiduciary?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Fiduciary?

Professional fiduciaries are entrusted by their clients to provide confidential financial and healthcare solutions with comfort, security, and dignity in mind. Professional fiduciaries must be licensed, adhere to a code of ethics, and are regulated in the State of California. 

Equipped with experience, knowledge, and suitable resources, professional fiduciaries oversee their clients’ needs like managing medical care, bill payment, investment management, housing, and legal–among other services. 

What Services Does a Professional Fiduciary Provide? 

Fiduciary Services May Include:

  • Trustee
  • Guardian
  • Estate Executor
  • Daily Bill Paying and Money Management
  • Healthcare Representation
  • Agent under a Power of Attorney
  • Executor for senior with no spouse or family
  • Conservator for those who are mentally or physically incapacitated

Who Uses Professional Fiduciaries? 

A variety of people can benefit from the assistance of a Professional Fiduciary. 

Seniors, disabled persons, minors, and others who require assistance that either their families or businesses cannot provide is where the Professional Fiduciary can step in. 

Whatever your age or life stage (or that of your loved ones), Professional Fiduciaries can manage your estate, healthcare, and/or assets. 

Professional Fiduciaries also manage Special Needs Trusts for disabled people and can act as guardians for children. A Professional Fiduciary can serve as an independent third-party advisor keeping their clients’ interests and assets safe.

Why Hire a Professional Fiduciary?

Professional Fiduciaries certified by the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) must adhere to a professional code of ethics. You can be confident that your interests will be looked after with care, discretion, and expert service. At Vantage, we have a trusted network of related professionals and services that can assist with any issues or situations that might occur.

When Would I Need a Professional Fiduciary? 

You are in control of your own affairs for long as you want to be and have the capacity to do so. However, we advise that you establish your estate plan now to provide for a professional fiduciary to handle your affairs later.

When you appoint a professional fiduciary, he or she will not begin acting until you die, have lost capacity, or you resign. Knowing that a licensed professional will be in control when you no longer can gives you and your family security and comfort. 

A professional fiduciary will handle your affairs or the administration of your estate effectively, applying their expertise to ensure smooth transitions, minimal conflict, and efficient management.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Professional Fiduciary

The Professional Fiduciary takes on many roles and responsibilities on your behalf. 

Yes, a Professional Fiduciary can act as a business manager, guardian, or trusted decision-maker, but a qualified Professional Fiduciary will also be a nexus of trust, offering nurturing support and diligent caregiving. 

With the right Professional Fiduciary, you’ll know your mental and emotional wellness is of paramount importance, thus diminishing the level of stress that major life changes can bring. 

At Vantage Fiduciary, we help clients and their families enjoy a fulfilling life with confidence and security that their needs are being met with professionalism and care.

Learn more about the Role and Responsibilities of a Fiduciary from the Professional Fiduciary Association of California.


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